RSPNDR partners with Immix

RSPNDR partners with Immix

IMMIX partners with RSPNDR
Toronto, ON (October 28 2022)

RSPNDR Inc. is excited to announce that it has partnered with Immix,  the industry leader in video security software automation, to provide better intelligence to mobile security guard providers responding to verified security events.

This joint solution with a remote video monitoring software company for on-demand guard services will set a new standard for RSPNDR services. Immix will offer RSPNDR’s one-click guard response services feature in the latest versions of the Immix CS and GF software platforms.
“The combination of Immix VaaS and RSPNDR’s distributed guard network offers customers the best of both worlds,” said Mark Zimmerman, RSPNDR’s CEO. “Customers
will get great remote monitoring every day and the fastest on-site response when they need it.”
This   partnership   will   greatly   enhance   security   event   management,   enabling   the   two companies to offer an embedded, end-to-end solution that allows central station operators monitoring video security events in the Immix platform to automatically generate a mobile security response through RSPNDR at the click of a button if there is a warranted threat onsite.  This automation expedites the communication process as the operator does not have to verbalize the threat to the customer, which shortens calls and therefore minimizes the critical passage of time.  Each type of security event can have a custom response procedure using Immix dispatch protocol through RSPNDR’s network of distributed mobile guard companies to secure the sites on demand and provide complete transparency and reporting.

“Immix is committed to seeking solutions that profoundly affect the alarm monitoring industry in a very meaningful way. Through this integration with RSPNDR we feel we can better address that ‘last mile’ communication with responding security personnel,” said Chris Brown, CEO, Immix. “There has long been a demand for solutions like this within our industry and we are confident that this partnership will have tremendous benefits for the both the video monitoring and mobile patrol industries.  Being able to create a priority security response and make sure that response is fast, efficient and safe, shows our dedication to being
good partners to our colleagues in the physical security community.”

About Immix
Immix is a global provider of software automation that improves the ability of commercial central stations and command centers to manage and respond to security events. Immix is deployed successfully in a wide variety of environments including the central station, transportation, education and enterprise markets. Immix supports the largest integration library in the industry, enabling ease of deployment and system administration for a wide variety of organizations across the globe. Immix® is ISO 27001 certified, UL Certified in the USA and BS8418 compliant in Europe. For more information, visit

RSPNDR enables alarm companies to deliver dramatically faster response times. Our software platform delivers end-to-end automation of key processes, saving alarm companies time and making guards and monitoring personnel more profitable, cost-effective, and productive.
RSPNDR connects monitoring stations to a fast-growing, on-demand network of licensed mobile guards who quickly respond to alarms based on who is closest to the incident location. We provide alarm companies with operational transparency and guard accountability that has never existed before.

Frank Pietrobono
SVP of Sales and Business Development

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