Faster, better alarm response services.

More efficient, productive operations.
Transparency you've never had before.
Happier customers.



RSPNDR’s national network of on-demand licensed mobile guards delivers dramatically faster alarm responses than industry standards. Guards can be dispatched instantly with a single click.



RSPNDR provides alarm companies with operational transparency and guard accountability that has never existed before.

In real-time, see how guards respond, and receive online incident reports, including photos, when an investigation is completed.


One to Many


RSPNDR gives you access to a nationwide marketplace of licensed mobile guards, not just a single guard company. When an alarm happens, the closest guard quickly responds. 



to Analytics

We provide operational data and insights to all marketplace participants to drive efficiencies and productivity. 


Customer Portal


We won’t let you be left in the dark. The RSPNDR Portal lets you monitor customer responses and review digital incident reports instantly.

A nationwide network of licensed guards that deliver industry-leading response times

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