The security industry has a "moment of truth"problem. 
We fixed it.

When an alarm is triggered, RSPNDR allows alarm companies to deliver dramatically faster response times. We’re in the business of helping alarm companies provide high-quality response services to customers when they are really needed. 

Our software platform delivers end-to-end automation of key processes, saving alarm companies time and making guards and monitoring personnel more profitable, cost-effective, and productive.

RSPNDR connects monitoring stations to a fast-growing, on-demand network of licensed mobile guards who quickly respond to alarms based on who is closest to the incident location. 

We provide alarm companies with operational transparency and guard accountability that never existed before.

RSPNDR ... it’s always the right response.

Leadership Team

Mark Zimmerman

Chief Executive Officer
A senior business and technology leader, Mark helps innovation organizations build great products and grow great teams. He leads with vision, openness, and a bias for action.

Craig Campbell

Founder & Executive Chair

Mark Wires

Founder & Strategic Partnerships
A lawyer by training, Mark is the lead executive that built RSPNDR. He has founded, scaled, and exited a successful sports tourism and education business.

Frank Pietrobono

VP Sales
Frank is a seasoned leader who identifies opportunities, builds talented teams, and establishes sales and marketing strategies to drive growth.

Kareem Arafat

Chief Innovation Officer
An experienced technology professional, Kareem was formerly CTO in Residence at Ryerson University, and Senior VP of Software Engineering at Q9 Networks.

Chester Santiago

Chief Financial Officer
Chester is passionate about using data to drive decision-making processes. He uses his scientific training and analytics skillset for strategic planning and execution.

Cliff Feltham

VP Platform Operations
Cliff is an experienced security specialist with strong entrepreneurship skills. He has a track record for working in security and investigations.

Clark Evans

Chief Technology Officer