RSPNDR creates more revenue-generating opportunities by delivering more demand for your mobile guard services. Join our network and equip your guards with a free mobile app to accept alarm dispatches.

Better Utilized

Mobile Units

When guards aren’t responding to alarms or driving between sites, your people and patrol cars aren’t making money. With RSPNDR, guards spend less time waiting or driving to an incident, and more time serving customers. 

Response that Matters



Track, monitor, and hold your guards accountable via our real-time reporting and analytics.

A Safe Approach



In competitive markets, we help guard companies go head-to-head against big players. Join our nation-wide network to gain access to dispatch business that you never had before.

Response that Matters

How Does RSPNDR Work?

Industry-leading alarm response times with complete transparency.
Step #1
Alarm is Triggered
Step #2
Alarm Dispatched to RSPNDR Network
Step #3
The Nearest Responder Accepts the Alarm in the RSPNDR app
Step #4
Responder Finishes Investigation and Submits Report Through the App
Step #5
Site Secure

Let's Connect

Since implementing RSPNDR in late-2019, we have experienced a significant improvement in guard response times and customer satisfaction. Our average guard response times are now consistently within 25 minutes and often faster.  RSPNDR’s flat monthly pricing has made budgeting more predictable and helps us manage the cost of providing guard response to our customers. 

Wes Labrash, SecurTek Monitoring Solutions Inc.