RSPNDR is helping the security industry deliver faster, better alarm response services.

Embrace a platform that provides alarm companies and monitoring stations with innovative technology and a nationwide network of licensed guards.

What happens next?

Industry-leading alarm response times with complete transparency.
Step #1
Alarm Triggered
Step #2
Alarm Dispatched to the RSPNDR Network
Step #3
Nearest Responder Accepts the Alarm in the RSPNDR App
Step #4
Responder Finishes the Investigation and Submits Report Through the App
Step #5
The Site is Secure

How Does RSPNDR Work?


Alarm is Triggered

A monitoring company is notified when an alarm is activated at a residential or commercial location.


Alarm Dispatched to RSPNDR Network

Monitoring companies integrated with RSPNDR’s nationwide network of licensed guards can instantly dispatch a guard with one click.


The Nearest Responder Accepts the Alarm in the RSPNDR app

When the alarm enters the marketplace, the nearest responder accepts the alarm. Progress on the guard’s response can be tracked in the RSPNDR Portal and the station’s management software.


Responder Finishes Investigation and Submits Report Through the App

The guard sends a detailed incident report through RSPNDR's mobile app. The report is available in real-time and includes photos and time stamps.


Site Secure

Within minutes, the site is secure and peace of mind is restored, powered by the RSPNDR Portal.

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