RSPNDR Partners Monitor Computer Systems to Offer New Guard Response Services for UK Alarm Receiving Centres

RSPNDR Partners Monitor Computer Systems to Offer New Guard Response Services for UK Alarm Receiving Centres

RSPNDR has partnered Monitor Computer Systems (MCS) to support the launch of an Uber-like service providing fast, reliable, and affordable guard response for intruder alarms.  

MCS, the UK’s leading provider of management software for monitoring centres, has integrated RSPNDR into the latest release of their control room software, Sentinel. 

Integrating the RSPNDR platform into Sentinel means monitoring centres and alarm installers can offer their customers flexible and affordable alternatives to traditional key holder or police response. 


“We are always looking at ways to add more value to the management systems we offer to alarm receiving centres,” says Michael Askew, MD of MCS.  “Integrating RSPNDR’s platform into Sentinel will reduce the workload associated with alarm response by automating the processes. It also offers our customers the opportunity to generate new service revenues.”

RSPNDR has grown to become the largest single provider of alarm patrol services in Canada and has started to expand into the US and other European markets.  

In the UK, the company is building a marketplace for professional responders and using their platform to collect alarm events from the monitoring centres, linking them to the nearest available guard from the marketplace, and then handling all aspects of tasking, response, and reporting. 

“We have focused on exploiting new technology to innovate and make traditional guard response services more flexible and affordable,” said Mark Zimmerman, RSPNDR’s CEO.   “The partnership with Michael and his team means that we can offer UK residential and small business users the option to use a professional guard service to respond to alarm events for just a few pounds a month with no call-out fees.” 

The partners believe this new approach to alarm response will overcome many of the challenges the security industry has faced with false alarms where, despite new regulations and more stringent technical requirements, it remains a major issue. They believe deploying a guard to do a quick check of the property will be safer and less expensive than sending keyholders. 

In Canada, RSPNDR has reacted to over 25,000 alarm events in the last 12 months and generated $Ms in new revenues for guard companies and the traditional security industry.  The partners believe they can repeat this success in the UK.

About MCS

Monitor Computer Systems has been supplying alarm monitoring platforms to the security industry and allied sectors since 1984. The company writes and supports its Sentinel software application at its base in York. We have 80 monitoring centre customers on 3 continents, all supported 24 hours per day. Sentinel provides a manufacturer-agnostic interface that can manage all the commonly available alarm and CCTV systems as well as lone worker devices, vehicle tracking systems, elderly care systems and environmental monitoring devices.


RSPNDR enables alarm companies to deliver dramatically faster response times. Our platform delivers end-to-end automation of key processes, saving alarm companies time and making guards and monitoring personnel more profitable, cost-effective, and productive.  In the UK, we offer monitoring centres and alarm installers the opportunity to generate recurring revenues and boost demand for guard response services. Most importantly, we give customers the peace of mind of knowing that someone will respond to their alarm events.

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