RSPNDR partners with Local Security

RSPNDR partners with Local Security

RSPNDR Inc. has partnered with Local Security a remote video as a service company to offer a complete end to end solution that starts with the remote monitoring of all activities and safety incidents using Local Security’s Safety Indexes and backed up with the network of distributed mobile guard companies to secure the sites on demand. 


Local Security provides proactive remote monitoring of various sites across North America. The cloud-based platform offers Real-Time insights, powerful analytics and now connects directly to a reliable network of security guards avoiding any unnecessary phone calls and wasted time to dispatch an incident.  RSPNDR is integrated directly to Local Security’s platform allowing the operators to dispatch a guard with One-Click of button.  

CEO Adam Power founder of Local security said that having “Fast access to reliable security patrol services is a perfect addition to the Local Security platform. Our partners coast to coast can now dispatch a trained RSPNDR guard with the Click of Button, completely eliminating the typical bottlenecks of live dispatch through a traditional guard company”.

“The combination of Local Security’s Video as a Service and RSPNDR’s distributed guard network offers customers the best of both worlds. They get great remote monitoring every day and the fastest on-site response when they need it.” Mark Zimmerman CEO – RSPNDR Inc. 


RSPNDR enables alarm companies to deliver dramatically faster response times. Our software platform delivers end-to-end automation of key processes, saving alarm companies time and making guards and monitoring personnel more profitable, cost-effective, and productive. RSPNDR connects monitoring stations to a fast-growing, on-demand network of licensed mobile guards who quickly respond to alarms based on who is closest to the incident location. 

We provide alarm companies with operational transparency and guard accountability that never existed before.

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