The Business Case For Automated Alarm Response

The Business Case For Automated Alarm Response

Until recently, a handful of players dominated the alarm response industry, operating under one business model and set of procedures for the best part of 50 years. 

But, like the world around it, the alarm response industry is changing. RSPNDR has joined the marketplace with an on-demand distributed dispatch network that solves a myriad of long-established, industry inefficiencies.  

As an alarm dealer, this can be a confusing time. 

Is it better to maintain traditional operations with the old guard (pun intended), or to embrace the new kids on the block?

Fear not! Your balance sheet will answer that question and we’re here to explain why. This post explains how an automated alarm response service can increase revenue and reduce costs.

1. Automation delivers faster response times 

The success of an alarm response procedure boils down to one thing: speed. 

Traditionally, monitoring teams have been responsible for contacting security units after an alarm is triggered, and the response can take hours or even days. 

With RSPNDR’s on-demand alarm response, a triggered alarm instantly notifies the guard network so the nearest responder can accept the call. In a matter of seconds, a guard can be on their way. 

Having this kind of assurance will enhance your reputation with your alarm customers. You can not only respond quickly to emergencies, but address non-emergencies as soon as possible. Time is money and happy customers reduce churn and keep revenue flowing. 

2. Automation removes unnecessary steps

Traditionally, monitored subscribers require the monitoring station to triage a triggered alarm. Any inefficiencies or errors during this process risk a slow response or worse – no response. 

An automated alarm response process eliminates wasted time while an operator is on hold with a dispatch center, and reduces the chance of errors by removing the human element.  RSPNDR’s one-click dispatch guarantees immediate response, while providing full transparency. 

But wait, there’s more! 

With less administration comes less overhead, so compared with traditional guard response services, RSPNDR is the most cost-effective solution. By paying a low monthly fee, customers receive two free responses a year. This compares with $65+ for traditional guard response, even for a false alarm, and $200+ if the police respond. 

Speaking of pay, RSPNDR pays guards directly. Say goodbye to time-consuming and frustrating reconciliation!

3. Automation drives competition

If you’re an alarm dealer without RSPNDR, you likely work exclusively with just a few dispatch teams. If an alarm is triggered at a residential or commercial building, you must call one of your security guards, even if another guard is closer and more ready to answer the call. Like Uber in the taxi industry, RSPNDR recognized this as a flaw in the system and ripe for disruption. 

RSPNDR’s marketplace is open to all licensed guard companies. When an alarm is sent to the platform, the alarm information is published to a network of registered guards, and the nearest guard responder accepts the alarm. 

This innovative network allows monitoring stations to access more guards while helping to drive healthy competition amongst the guard companies in the market. Competition drives customer service up and response times down, which is great for you and your subscribers!  

4. Automation creates transparency 

The days of paper reporting are over. 

Easy to access, accurate reports are key to ensuring transparency for you and your customers in an alarm response situation. 

With RSPNDR, the entire response process is tracked online, and you can view progress in real-time via our portal. Time stamps track when the alarm is triggered, when the responder accepts the call, and when a guard is finished with their investigation. This includes an incident report with photos from the guard, entered via the mobile app.

In emergency situations, this level of reporting is extremely helpful. You can communicate in real time with your customers and ensure the service meets your expectations. In a competitive marketplace, high-quality alarm systems and services are key to driving excellent business results. 

Wrapping Up

No industry is safe from disruption. 

This is good news for monitoring stations and alarm dealers. Digital transformation creates better products that leverage new technologies that offer more choice, better service and more transparency. 

The security industry – specifically the alarm response sector – is no different. 

RSPNDR’s on-demand distributed dispatch network unlocks more guards, more quickly to create a better customer experience. By doing so, you prioritize the safety of your alarm customers while saving time and money.

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