Embrace the benefits of technology

Embrace the benefits of technology

There are industries, such as healthcare and grocery, that have shown a strong ability to adopt new technology in real time and are able to adapt, grow and evolve using technology as the catalyst. While there are notably some players in the fields of security, monitoring and response who are good at driving innovation using new technology, and reaping the reward of growth through increased sales and profits, many in our industry are not as quick to jump on the latest and greatest tech bandwagon. In this post we will explore how leveraging technology is not only good for business, but is essential to remaining competitive, and growing, in today’s marketplace.

Applying technology to the three pillars of success

Every successful business owner knows that there are three pillars to success: Enhance, Improve and Drive. But did you know that technology can help you reach, and even exceed, your goals every step of the way? Let’s take a closer look at these three pillars to see how you can use technology within the security, monitoring and response sector to enhance your customer’s experience and build your business at the same time.

Enhance the customer experience

• Provide customers with the option for interactive services that allow for remote alarm or monitoring alarm activity including trouble shooting, or providing instructional use of installations through video conferencing platforms.

• Use dashboard analytics and data, like those provided by RSPNDR, to highlight potential neighborhood threats, provide insight into potential gaps and opportunities for improvement in your customer’s current security system.

• Provide real-time coverage and detailed reporting of alarm responses and push out crime reports in the area.

Improve operational efficiency

• Whenever possible, automate admin processes like billing, dispatching, and operator procedures with human intervention kept to a minimum and used only when absolutely necessary.

• Use people’s time when discretion is required. If a process can be automated using technology, have people intervene as an exception not as a rule.  

• Provide real-time data and feedback reports, etc, to allow for more efficient targeting of resources.

Drive revenue and profits

• Sell solutions and services that provide monthly recurring revenue.

• Use dashboard analytics to determine higher crime areas to better target sales.

• Provide add-on services, such as RSPNDR, to reduce alarm response time.

• Eliminate the need to respond to every alarm by providing AI technology that can identify animals or weather conditions that may trigger the client’s system.

By embracing technology at every level of your business, you can help ensure that your clients enjoy a better experience and that your business grows profitably as a result.

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