Essential Functions Of Alarm Response Technology

Essential Functions Of Alarm Response Technology

Today, RSPNDR is the only automated alarm response platform on the market. 

As a company, we spent a lot of time educating our customers, not only on the benefits of our product but on the opportunities within tech adoption. 

RSPNDR believes automated alarm technology will be an integral part of any robust security operation and that our platform will become an essential part of the ecosystem.

Below, we break down alarm response technology's essential functions to help you make the right platform choices for your business. 

From analytics to API integrations— automated alarm response will bring your operations into the 21st century. 

SaaS (Software as a Service)

What separates SaaS technology from traditional digital tools is that all your software exists "in the cloud" rather than on a specific server in a building. The benefits of SaaS include better uptime, data encryption, and automatic updates.

Like Uber, RSPNDR is a SaaS platform for curating, dispatching, and managing resources. No matter the location of the alarm, RSPNDR's platform enables monitoring stations to dispatch guards in seconds with one click. 

A time-saving alternative to email chains, phone calls, and on-premise paperwork, RSPNDR's platform also supports all dispatch-related reporting, including invoicing and audit trails. 

Data and Analytics 

The term “data-driven” is thrown around a lot these days. But in the context of alarm response, what does it mean to use data—-and use it effectively? 

RSPNDR's automated alarm response technology tracks an alarm event end-to-end. In real-time, RSPNDR tracks when an alarm occurs, when the responder accepts the call, and when the guard completes their investigation. 

This data helps you identify trends, measure performance, and make better decisions. 

For example, one of your buildings might have 30% more alarm events than your other properties and have the slowest dispatch response. This information can help you decide whether to invest in different kinds of security at this property or help you budget for the year ahead. 

Accountability and Transparency 

With RSPNDR providing data-driven insight, there is no confusion about the actions taken, how long they take, or the people involved. This level of transparency builds accountability into an alarm situation, an entirely new component of alarm response, and a service currently exclusive to automated alarm response technology. 

RSPNDR lets you monitor your alarm event in real-time via the customer portal. In addition, you can download the guard's incident report, which is submitted (with photos) immediately after responding to the alarm via RSPNDR’s mobile app. This reporting keeps you up-to-date on the situation and makes guards accountable to your expectations. 

While this level of transparency is new to the alarm industry, it increases safety, customer satisfaction, competition in the market, and operational efficiency.

Single Marketplace 

Historically, an alarm dealer has had no choice but to partner with a select few guard companies. When an alarm goes off at one of their properties, they must call one of their guards regardless of whether a guard from another company is closer and more ready to answer the call. 

This exclusivity puts unnecessary strain on both parties because guard companies rarely have the available resources when the dealer needs them, leading to increased response times.

RSPNDR's marketplace is open to all licensed guard companies. In the event of an alarm, the entire network is notified, and the nearest guard accepts the call. By leveraging a  nation-wide network of guard companies, monitoring services, alarm companies, and smart home hardware makers can offer their customers faster service. This helps to drive operational efficiencies and a better customer experience.

API Integrations and Partnerships

Whenever you invest in technology, it's important to consider how easy it will be to use. It's not just about how you and your customers interact with it but also how the technology integrates with other programs and services.

An Application Programming Interface, or API, facilitates interaction between data, applications, and devices. API integration is a partnership between two technologies that creates a better, more seamless experience for the operators in the monitoring centers. 

Instead of competing with existing alarm providers and guard companies, RSPNDR partners with them. As a result, it prioritizes consumers and makes alarm dispatch more accessible, efficient, and transparent. 

Recently, RSPNDR partnered with Local Security, a Video-as-a-Service company, forming an end-to-end alarm solution for both customers. Adam Power, Local Security's CEO, said: 

"Fast access to reliable security patrol services is a perfect addition to the Local Security platform. Our partners coast to coast can now dispatch a trained RSPNDR guard with the click of a button, which eliminates the typical bottlenecks of live dispatch." 

Few companies have the customer base and product exclusivity to sell technology that doesn't integrate with other platforms (although Apple has shown it's possible). These days, one of the best functions of good technology is its ability to work together. 

RSPNDR helps alarm dealers, monitoring stations, and guards deliver faster response services that drive productivity, cost efficiencies, and a better overall customer experience.

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