How did COVID impact the security industry in 2020? 

Data-driven insight on how residential and commerical customer behaviour changed.

2020 was a volatile and disruptive year for many businesses. 

In this free white paper, you’ll get valuable insight into the Canadian security industry. 

Leveraging our alarm response data, we took an in-depth dive to discover what happened last year and why.

Get this white paper to learn more about:
  • How dispatch activity changed in 2020.
  • The split between residential and commercial alarm responses. 
  • The business sectors with the most alarm response activity.
  • How to better serve your customers in 2021.
Download white paper; it’s free.

Download white paper; it’s free.

What We Deliver...

Faster, better alarm responses

Our nationwide network of on-demand licensed guards responds to alarms dramatically faster than industry standards. We’re setting the bar higher! 

Transparency and accountability

Real-time visibility and data-driven insight into how each alarm response is done. Stop being in the dark about a guard’s location and how incidents are resolved. 

Leading-edge technology

We automate key processes that eliminate time-consuming manual work. With a click of a button, guards are dispatched in seconds, rather than minutes.

Better financial results

We drive higher revenue for dealers, monitoring stations, and guards, as well as operational efficiencies that reduce costs and improve productivity. 

Nationwide guard network

Our distributed dispatch network delivers a powerful combination of breadth and scale. It allows alarm responses to happen quickly and properly, regardless of the geographic location.

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